Spectrum is a comic book platformer with beautiful hand crafted art and unique gameplay mechanics. Phase between colors to solve puzzles and uncover the story of Tadashi. Tadashi is a Japanese computer science student. All he wants to do is play around and read comic books but he is constantly reminded by his mom that he needs to get a degree. One day, he wakes up and everything about him feels different: fear, anxiety, insecurity are all gone; his attention-seeking girlfriend (Saki) is nowhere to be seen and his body is ... changing!

Spectrum is a one-of-a-kind puzzle platforming game set in a comic book world. Designed beautifully to use 2D and 3D elements to simulate a truly unique experience of playing inside a comic book. You can move, jump, interact with the environment and most importantly have the ability to phase. Tadashi's phasing ability allows him to manipulate his colors to progress through the book, solve puzzles and uncover the story.


Spectrum has been under development for 3 years. It is developed in Auckland, New Zealand by Mido Basim. There have been several contractors involved to do certain aspects of the game such as the 2d art and music. Many friends and people from the online gaming community helped during the development and in shaping Spectrum to what it is today.

Spectrum development started in August 2012. It was originally started as a hobby project by Mido Basim and Rajan Nair. After the first year, Rajan moved on to pursue other opportunities and Mido Basim continued working on Spectrum part time. In January 2014, Spectrum was submitted to Steam Greenlight and after three months it was Greenlit! Spectrum is the first publicly available video game developed and published by Mido Basim.


People Involved:

  • 1. Mido Basim (Lead Developer, Designer, Producer, Publisher)
  • 2. Danny Wei (Developer, 3D Modeller)
  • 3. Shrikkanth Sreedharan (Music)
  • 4. Rita Macedo (2D Concept Artist)
  • 5. Josh Sacco (2D Digital Artist)
  • 6. Samantha Rogers (3D Character Artist and Animator)
  • 7. Jacky Lee (Logo Design)
  • 8. Steam Community and Friends (Quality Assurance and Game Balance)

Tools Used:

  • 1. Unity (Game Engine)
  • 2. Adobe Photoshop for image editing
  • 3. Github for versioning the code and Sublime/Atom

Code Base:

Art and Graphics:

  • 1. Creating the background art took around 8 months
  • 2. Figuring out the right graphics style took 6 months
  • 3. Polishing the game took 1 year

Logo, Cover and Screenshots

Download all the screenshots, logo, and cover as a zip file(8MB)


Mido Basim (@burrewoo) - Website - Email